Portico Special Coverage from 2014 International CES 2014 with Mari Takahashi

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Now that 2013 has been packed away, we turn our eyes once more to the future. As we move into a new year, the evolution of technology continues to fundamentally influencing every aspect of how we live. Every year the International Consumer Electronics showcase the best of what’s to come. Every innovation is more spectacular than the last, but how do we know what groundbreaking and what’s just hype?

This January, Portico & Popular Science will be bringing you

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special coverage from the 2014 International CES in Las Vegas. Portico’s own Mari Takahashi will be your exclusive guide to what’s hot straight from the show floor. Tour the exhibits with Mari, and see exclusive interviews with the top innovators as they bring you along on the cutting edge. Get the inside scoop on what’s on the verge of blowing up in 2014. Learn about the latest gadgets you’ll be lusting after as

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well as the ones that will improve your everyday life.

Watch it online at beginning on Wednesday January 8th or watch it on your smart device on the Popular Science channel on Portico beginning Thursday January 9th, and be sure to check Portico’s web pages, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds regularly for all the latest highlights and previews. See you at CES!

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