Portico News is the ultimate news resource of the digital age. Curated from multiple sources, our exclusive “The Week in Time,: “Newsy in 30″  and “Report with the AP” programs merges  the best of the TV news experience to the convenience of your smart device.  
The Week in TIME Trustworthy reporting, authoritative news analysis. TIME sets the news agenda by answering questions instead of just asking them. The Week In TIME Enjoy insightful, moving stories from around the world, brought to you from the world’s leading newsmagazine, Time Magazine. This weekly program will give you a new perspective on the world, with new episodes premiering each Monday on Portico TV.
Newsy in 30 In partnership with Newsy, Portico News brings you breaking news with context and convenience. You no longer need to flip through from MSNBC to Fox News to CNN, to see how different networks are reporting on stories. We compile everything and report it in a straightforward, transparent and convenient way. “Newsy in 30″ bring you a broader view, in a concise format.
A Closer Look with The AP If it’s a deeper dive you’re looking for, Portico has partnered with the gold standard of news organizations; the Associated Press. Brought to you daily by host Marcus Drew Steel, “A Closer Look with the AP” filters the noise and brings you everything you need to know about the most-relevant story of the day.