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Obsessed with food, tech, or news? How about celebrity news? Portico TV brings you shows that focus on your passions. Lean back. Enjoy. Channel your passion.


Whatever your passion, we have you covered. Our Emmy-award winning team creates shows focusing on the topics you care about the most. So sit back. Relax and enjoy.

Our Hosts

We’ve picked the best of the best to present Portico TV. We’ve brought together an eclectic bunch with a love of great television. Meet them, and see what piques their passions below.

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Shannon Kaye - Southern Living

Shannon Kaye is the host of Southern Living. She has been creating custom artwork and interior designs for the home environment for more than 15 years. Shannon also hosts DIY Network's host Fresh Coat.
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Erin Bates - Cycle World

The host of Cycle World, Erin Bates is internationally recognized for Sideline Reporting extreme sports such as Supercross, X-Games and AMA Motocross as well as her TV network reporting.
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Stephanie Duchaine - People This Week

A fan of sports, music and everything pop culture, Stephanie is a Los Angeles based on camera personality and writer and the host of People Magazine's weekly Hollywood wrap-up "People This Week" on Portico TV.
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Shauna Sever - Cooking Light

The host of "Cooking Light," Shauna is also the author of two successful cookbooks with a third due in Spring 2015. Her blog is one among's top 50 food blogs and her recipes and expert tips are regularly featured nationally.
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Lizzie Bermudez - World Eats

Along with her many other projects, Lizzie hosts Portico's own "World Eats" series where she brings you the best of the international culinary scene.
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Marcus Drew Steele - A Closer Look with The AP

Marcus is the editor and anchor for “A CLoser Look with The AP.” He looks for the big stories of the day with an eye to what every well-informed viewer needs to know. Then ties it together into a twice-daily newscast.


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